Saturday, 4 April 2009

Flash Gels

I ordered a swatch book of lighting gels which are very useful as flash gels for speedlights, and cheap! The one I received had around 200 different colours and cost £10! They are supposed to be free so go and visit your local studio or stage lighting supplier and pick one up yourself.

OK, so how do I hold the gels against the speedlights without using chewing gum? (we're not kids you know). Well, I could have used a rubber band or Velcro but wanted something that would not bend the gels and did not need any permanent attachment "device" on the speedlights.

Well, I went all Blue Peter and broke out the cardboard and glue!

Here are my home made gel holders, neat eh?

So what do they look like?

Here you go. Using basic colour theory:

Primary and complementary colours.

INFO: Bare flash with gels, triggered with Skyports. The closet one is on 1/4 power and the furthest away on 1/8th power.

Get your mitts on a colour wheel so you don't marry up gels that make your eyes bleed or the image look like an explosion after curry night!

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