Saturday, 31 October 2009

Honour the London Cabbie

I was very sceptical as to whether I was going to have my camera kit returned to me.

TFL Lost Property Office dropped me an email last week to tell me that they may have my lost property and I should contact them to confirm. So I promptly did. They reeled off what was in the backpack and I kept saying yes. I still didn't dare to believe until I had it in my hand.

Heading to Baker Street I was getting nervous as I entered the Lost Property office. When they brought the bag out I let myself believe. It looked like my bag! When I checked the contents, I felt exhausted. The nervous energy and adrenalin drained out of me and I was washed over with relief and gratitude. I left a big bonus for the taxi driver along with a letter of thank you, gushing out my feelings :-)

Of course, I had to test out the camera on the way home to make sure it was OK so I could then cancel the insurance claim.

So if you do lose any property in a London Black Cab then there is a high probability that you will get it back. Make sure you contact the TFL Lost Property Office  and let your local police station know of the loss.


  1. Good to know that you got it back. WOW - restores my faith in humanity. Never thought that there are honest people like that out there. Fantastic story.

    Great shots as well :D

  2. Thanks! I am so glad and pretty amazing really :-)


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